These prestigious awards will recognise superior service from female staff in the pest industry.
Your employees are the single most important asset to your business. Employee motivation is crucial as it allows management to meet its goals.
By nominating employees for an award, employers demonstrate the importance of individual contribution by staff. Organisations which show appreciation are proven to achieve higher levels of output through enhanced employee motivation and productivity.

Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding – prove it!

Please state the achievements rather than demonstrating how the achievements actually made the nominee deserving.  It is a good idea to include the significance of the particular acts that the nominee did.

Additional benefits of nominating Employees:

★ Promote satisfaction and well-being by illustrating how individuals contribute to overall organisational success.
★ Promote positive communication and praise within the workplace.
★ Increase employee retention rates through gratitude by rewarding employee excellence.
★ Incorporate a strong ethos into your organisation which values recognition and loyalty.
Your nomination should include examples of how your nominated individual, or team member, has shown excellence in their work and contributed to the broader life in the pest management industry.

How to make a nomination:

The easiest way to nominate for
PWAPM Female Administration of the Year Award 
PWAPM Female Trainee Technician of the Year Award 
PWAPM Honorary Life Member 
Please provide a photo of your nominee and state their full name and place of work.
Please note we do not need a photo for the honorary life member nomination.
How the winners are selected and notified.

The selection committee, the board of directors from the PWAPM, will meet to review all the nominations and select winners in all categories, as well as agree on the very first honorary PWAPM life member. After the committee has made their decisions, award winners will be notified to tell them they have won. Award winners and honorary life member will be announced at the PWAPM National Leadership Dinner. They do not have to attend the dinner to accept their award, however we would love for them to be able to be there along with their employer and work colleagues.

All nominees for the Administration of the Year Award and Trainee of the Year Award will receive a nomination certificate. Please make sure you provide us with their contact details so we can email the certificate. 



Nominations Close Monday 1st February.